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Ottimizzazione di un Vigilante particolare

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Il mio master per dei bisogni narrativi legati alla campagna mi ha chiesto di realizzare un Vigilante Aghatiel che abbia come due identità combattenti, la prima umana e la seconda animale. Visto che la classe mi è abbastanza nuova chiedo aiuto a voi nella realizzazione di una build ottimizzata, ma non sgrava, per rendere al meglio un tale personaggio. Grazie in antipo!

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Purtroppo non ne so niente di vigilanti, ma posso farti copia incolla di una breve analisi dell'archetipo, magari ti da qualche spunto.

DISCLAIMER: The rules of this archetype are subject to interpretation. The prevailing opinion is that you can only Wild Shape into the creature you chose at level 1. My opinion is that that’s just giving a martial a significantly watered down and less versatile version of something a magic class already has, and that’s both bad and lazy writing and I choose to believe better of whoever created the archetype. So I take the interpretation that you can Wild Shape as normal, and are only limited to one form for the base of bestial identity. If you disagree, consider my rating adjusted to a yellow in that case.

Compatible specializations: Avenger and Stalker

Immortal Commitment: You’re now alignment locked, both of your identities must be within one step of NG. A little weird but hey, I’m not one to knock alignment locks.

Bestial Identity: So this one is hilarious. From levels 1 to 3, you pretend to be an animal in vigilante form, even though you’re not. The best part is, between the penalty to appear as a normal animal, and Seamless Guise, you still get a net +10 to your disguise check. Already I want to make a half-orc who disguises himself as a harmless fluffy bunny.

Anyway, starting at level 4, you get a variant wildshape. It’s at will and lasts indefinitely, as part of your disguise, but with a 1 minute cast time and 1 minute dismissal time (unless, of course, you take the talents to speed up your change, which you definitely should just so you can truly be Beast Boy) On the flip side, you don’t get any ability adjustments, only get one animal ability at a time, and can only use it for Beast Shape, not any of the other crazy stuff that comes with Wild Shape. Instead, every time you gain a new level of Beast Shape, you can take more stuff with the lower levels. This is a pretty nifty power, but I can’t rate it too high because it costs you your level 4, 8, 12 and 16 talents.

Agathion Blessing: While in your vigilante identity, you gain Aspect of the Beast. If you use it for Claws of the Beast, you get your choice of a bite at 1d8, a gore at 1d8, or two slams at 1d4 each, instead of just the claws. Aspect of the Beast is a pretty solid feat on its own, and it also saves you from having to spend your one special ability from your highest level Beast Shape on natural attacks. This is at the cost of one talent, but it functions like a talent anyway, so it’s an even trade, and for Agathion specifically, that ranks it a blue.

Final Thoughts: You’re trading half your talents for a watered down Wild Shape, but it’s a pretty nifty variant, especially once you pick up Immediate Change and can spend two moves to swap between animals (or one move, if your GM is nice and considers different animals to be different forms.) Overall I give it a solid “above average.” I do, however, want to call attention to two things: one, it is impossible to use weapons in most animal forms, and yet you retain all weapon proficiencies. Brute and Gunmaster still lose theirs. What the hell. And two, if you did nothing but bear forms you would be a better Ursine than Ursine. That is all.

Qui la guida: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18z70ARGsGF92VbV0Ithx_4PpwTQXDqUw0Ph1UvqLfVU/edit#heading=h.oora1lzdg6k1

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