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Recentemente mi sono interessato al Knight del PH2, classe flavourissima e con abilità molto interessanti. Girando sul web sono incappato in una guida ed una delle build proposte mi ha colpito particolarmente. Vi cito il post:

Strongheart Halfling Knight 10+

Con > Cha > Dex > Str > Int 13 > Wis (dump): You need a Dex of at least 14, because you're going to be making a lot of AoO. It's ok to dump Wis, because you have a strong Will Save and can always buy a Cloak of Resistance.


1: Combat Expertise, Improved Trip (Halfling bonus feat)

2: Mounted Combat (Knight bonus)

3: Knock-Down

5: Ride By Attack (Knight bonus)

6: Combat Reflexes

9: Power Attack

10: Spirited Charge (Knight bonus)

You can switch out Combat Expertise->Improved Trip->Knock-Down for Combat Reflexes->Stand Still, which is more efficient for battlefield control but never deals damage. If there is any way to take a Flaw so that you can take Combat Reflexes early, do so. Other great feat options for Sir Didymus include Saddleback, Leadership, and Sand Snare.

Invest in Handle Animal and Ride. Buy a pack of dogs, trained for guard duty, attack, and riding. They're cheap, fast, and also useful for disarming traps in dungeons. (Fetch the bone Lassie!) Ride one into combat, and have the others guard the campsite and act as replacements in case your main mount gets killed. At higher levels be sure to invest in a better mount.

Your combo is simple. Use Test of Mettle to draw your enemies to you. Charge through and past them repeatedly, drawing them as far away as you can from the rest of your party. Divide and conquer. Have the rest of the party gang up on whoever passed their Test of Mettle Save, and once they're dead, have them kill whoever is following you around - one at a time - vastly increasing your party's effectiveness.

Use your lance and shield together for higher AC, or use your lance two handed for Power Attack and Spirited Charge for 3(1d6+magic+[str*1.5]+[bAB*2]) damage. As soon as you can afford it use an animated shield, so that you can gain you Knight bonus to it while maximizing your damage output.

If someone tries to attack you, you get a free hit on them (lance is a reach weapon) followed by a free Trip attempt (Knock-Down). Remember, no one can charge through an occupied square, so if the person isn't killed, they become defensive terrain for you. And with Vigilante Defender, Skill Monkeys and Monks will have a hard time bypassing your defenses.

Also, its important to note that if someone under the effect of your Test of Mettle is standing 0-10 feet away from you, your next action should usually be to Withdraw or Move away at your full speed, or if possible Charge through and past them or someone else on the battlefield, ending up 70ish+ feet away. Don't make a Full Attack (unless you have Pounce). This is counter intuitive, but remember that your main goal on the battlefield is to control your enemies, not engage them. If they spend every round chasing you, that's another round they're not attacking your friends. This is your true goal. Occasional massive damage from a great charge attack is just a helpful side effect.

Keep in mind that using this combo is just begging your DM to throw incorporeal (immune to Trip) enemies and/or enemies with no Int score (immune to Test of Mettle) at you. So I suggest you buy two lances: One main +4 Adamantine Lance (maximizing your chance To-Hit) for regular combat, and a secondary +1 Cold Steel Ghost Touch Lance of Disruption for when its appropriate.

Also note that with a small size race, you're going to be taking a penalty to your Trip checks. So it might be a good idea to mix in Marshal or Wary Swordknight Paladin to improve your chances.

Your DM will probably also mix in a large number of ranged combatants, so be sure to have a friend cast Protection from Arrows on you.

Le domande sono:

  1. Quali sono i punti forti dell'halfling cuoreforte rispetto all'umano in questa build?
  2. La lancia, secondo voi, è stata scelta solo per la sinergia con spirited charge e la carica a cavallo?
  3. Non sarebbe stato meglio scegliere un'arma sbilanciante tipo giusarma o alabarda (evitando di scadere nella solita catena chiodata che in questo caso stona graficamente)? Alla fine è una build che si basa sul controllo e soprattutto sullo sbilanciare e la lancia limita tali opzioni.

Infine, che ne pensate del talento Knockdown? Nonostante questa discussione dettagliata trovata in giro ( http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=216451 ) non sono riuscito a farmi una mia idea. È OP? Anrebbe o non andrebbe inserito nella 3.5?

Grazie a tutti in anticipo!

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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

1) Bonus alla destrezza e taglia piccola, che oltre ai soliti bonus (+1 tpc e ca...) permette di cavalcare anche nei dungeon. Un cavaliere di taglia piccola in un gruppo di esseri di taglia media potrà SEMPRE portarsi dietro la cavalcatura (media).

2) "solo"? XD

Si, direi che è stata scelta per quei motivi. E l'autore sottolinea come Stand Still funzioni meglio di Sbilanciare (ovviamente, visto che è di taglia piccola)...

3) Non è una build focalizzata sullo sbilanciare, quindi non vedo particolare necessità di un'arma sbilanciante.

Infine) Knockdown è un talento per sole divinità... quindi non vedo dilemmi di sorta. Se sei una divinità puoi prenderlo, altrimenti no.

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Segui il link del talento...


Deities can obtain the feats described here, in addition to any standard feats.

C'è un po di confusione... Inizialmente il talento era presentato su "Il pugno e la spada" ed era per tutti

KNOCKDOWN del pugno e la spada

Poi lo hanno riscritto su Deities and Demigods... ed è per divinità

KNOCKDOWN deities and demigods

Sull'SRD compare la versione per divinità, visto che contiene materiale di Deities and Demigods.

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La discussione è simile a quella della variante Hit & Run Tactics dal manuale Drow of the Underdark. RAW non presenta nessun prerequisito ma RAI, essendo presentata sotto al titolo "Drow Fighter", molti master richiedono il prerequisito razziale. Knockdown è in un elenco di abilità divine e quindi si presuppone sia accessibile a sole divinità... E poi parliamone, atterrare facendo solamente 10 danni è giusto roba da dei! O_o

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