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Con Me nella Tomba: Il Gioco di Taffo

La Taffo e MS Edizioni hanno realizzato un Gioco da Tavolo con un'unica Regola: dovrai giurare di portare quel Segreto Con Te nella Tomba!


Cosa c'è di Nuovo su Kickstarter: Red Giant e Thurian Adventures

Andiamo a scoprire assieme le novità in campo GdR attive in questi giorni su Kickstarter.


Avventure Investigative #8: Un Tocco di Spoiler

D&D può essere usato per creare delle avventure investigative interessanti? Eccovi l'ottavo articolo di una serie in cui espongo le mie idee in merito.


Sondaggio sugli Incantesimi

I giocatori di D&D 5E sono chiamati a fornire la loro opinione sugli incantesimi del Manuale del Giocatore.


West Marches: Creare la Vostra Campagna

Dopo una lunga pausa torniamo a parlare di West Marches: dopo aver visto come era organizzata la campagna di Ben Robbins, creatore originale di questo stile di gioco, vedremo come poterne creare una nostra ed imparare a gestirla.




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The Church of Traladara
Circa 70% of the human population of Karameikos belongs to the Church of Traladara, the major native religion. 
While its belief date back to the Traldar Age of Heroes, the church itself has been around for circa six centuries. 
It has suffered several major setbacks with the Silver Purge, the holy wars, and finally the Marilenev rebellion, which all but destroyed a generation of church leaders.
The Church of Traladara worships primarily the three Great Heroes, Halav, Petra and Zirchev. 
None of the three is given precedence over the other, as the church stresses the importance of cooperation and strength found in unity.
Several other Immortals are acknowledged as powerful, but remote, forces. 
Finally, several lesser heroes are also acknowledged, and local cultural activities are held to honour them. 
These may be Immortals, such as Chardastes, or simply long-gone mortal heroes or kings, such as Tarhek the Radiant or Prince Ithron.
The church activities and rituals focus on the historical events of the Song of Halav, with festivals where the battles against the Beastmen are re-enacted, and, on a smaller scale, on the spiritual needs of the worshippers. 
Traladaran priests are generally down to earth, and so are their teachings -- generally, they are oriented toward tolerance, goodwill, respect of fellow humans and similar virtues. 
The concept of sin is not clearly distinguished from that of crime -- in general, the Traladaran priests did act as judges in the pre-Thyatian clan system, and the modern theology closely reflects that approach, even though modern priests do not have judiciary powers.
The Church of Karameikos
The Church of Karameikos is a modern cult with roots in Thyatian theology and philosophy. 
Its is the religion followed by the vast majority of Thyatian-blooded Karameikans, as well as by many Karameikans of mixed blood, and some Traladarans.
It is mainly a Lawful religion, even though its pantheon includes Immortals of all alignments. 
It basically teaches that the fate of each soul in the afterlife is based on its balance of sins. 
The Church provides rituals through which worshippers may free their souls from sins. 
As such, the beliefs of the Church of Karameikos tend to take the form of very detailed precepts of life, with the associated penances for each violation.
In this sense, the Church is much more dogmatic than its Thyatian ancestor -- which simply mediates between Immortals and mortals, generally letting every Immortals' priesthood set its own standard and preach its own doctrine, within a general framework. 
This policy was chosen by the founders to ensure a greater cohesion of the new Church, and avoid the periodic crises that affected the Church of Thyatis.
The Church of Karameikos is also bent on proselytising. 
Missionary efforts have been mostly directed towards the Traladaran natives, though recently clerics are being sent to the Five Shires as well -- though, once more, with no success to report.
The major Immortal patrons recognised by the Church of Karameikos are Asterius, Pax Bellanica (Tarastia), Vanya, Valerias, Ilsundal, and Kagyar.
Ilsundal and Kagyar were chosen by the founders to appeal to the demi-human inhabitants of the Grand Duchy, though with very limited success, as the demi-humans have a very different view of religion, more related to personal or family worship than to public, ritualistic worship.
Vanya, Valerias and Tarastia were chosen as the major Thyatian Immortals -- the presence of these Immortals guarantees that the Thyatians who come to Karameikos see the Church as simply a national variant of the Church of Thyatis. 
The philosophy of the church actually does not agree much with the teachings of Valerias, but the Girder-On of Weapons is so popular that the new Church could not expect much following, had it not included her.
Asterius is the personal patron of Patriarch Olliver Jowett, the leader and founder of the Church. 
This Immortal is worshipped in his aspect as the patron of trade and merchants.
The Church of Karameikos is a recent creation. 
Up to thirty years ago, its founders were priests of the Church of Thyatis. 
They were called by Duke Stefan Karameikos to cater to the spiritual needs of the Thyatian settlers who were colonising Traladara.


Religione in Thyatis

L'Impero di Thyatis ha nella sua espansione accolto Dei da tutti i territori che ha incontrato affiancandoli al suo Pantheon originale

I principali dei del Pantheon Thyatiano sono:

  • Alphaks - patrono del puro male, porta morte distruzione e miseria
  • Asterius - patrono del commercio
  • Diulanna - patrona della volontà
  • Halav - patrono della guerra, importato dalla cultura antica del Karameikos
  • Illsundal - patrono degli elfi
  • Kagyar - patrono degli artigiani
  • Korotiku il ragno - patrono dei guerrieri furbi e degli ingannatori, importato dalla cultura delle Pearl Island
  • Koryis - patrono della pace e della prosperità
  • Odino - patrono della guerra fatta con saggezza, importato dalla cultura dei regni del nord
  • Protius, il vecchio uomo del mare - patrono del mare
  • Tarastia - patrona della giustizia e della vendetta
  • Thanatos - patrono malvagio della morte
  • Thor - patrono della guerra fatta con onore,  importato dalla cultura dei regni del nord
  • Valerias - patrona dell'amore
  • Vanya - patrona della guerra e della conquista, il principale Dio Thyatiano


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