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Il Futuro di D&D

Ci sono in ballo grandi piani per D&D 5E nei prossimi anni e in particolare in vista del 50° anniversario del gioco di ruolo più celebre del mondo.


In Arrivo il Rules Expansion Gift Set

A inizio anno prossimo la WotC farà uscire un set di tre manuali per coloro che sono interessati alle espansioni regolistiche per D&D 5E.

By Lucane

L'Arte della Legenda: Parte 4 - La Lista degli Avversari

Volete aggiungere spessore e profondità ai vostri scenari senza per questo complicarvi la vita a tener traccia degli spostamenti di ogni singolo mostro o nemico? The Alexandrian ci offre uno strumento formidabile per la gestione in tempo reale di scenari complessi e di moltitudini di avversari. 


Anteprime di Fizban's Treasury of Dragons #2

Andiamo a scoprire delle novità legate a classi, razze e mostri che saranno presenti nella Fizban's Treasury of Dragons.


La Free League ha annunciato il GdR ufficiale di Blade Runner

Andiamo ad immergerci nell'iconico universo di Blade Runner con questo nuovo prodotto della Free League in arrivo l'anno prossimo.


The Fields of Ash - Service Topic


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Here is where we can talk "outside the game", for any information, request and simple chatting.

I recommend (if you have not already done so) that you copy your character sheet on this website and put the link in the file section of this area, so it's more easy for me to access it.

As a general explanation I will handle all the dice rolls, you will simply have to post what your character is saying, thinking and doing (eventually giving me the relevant numbers to add). I usually post every 48 hours during the evening (European Central Time).

You can subscribe to a topic with a button on the top right, so you will get notifications when something is posted on there.

I will later on add maps and other stuff to the File and Images section of this area.

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Some more background to my character:

@Peter Östergren maybe don’t read if you want to find out more about my character later haha.



Selis lost his mother at a young age, and not long after discovered his proficiency for magic. His father, a high ranked soldier, became distant after his mother’s death, and even more distant upon the realisation of Selis’ magical powers. Selis is naturally curious, and to cope with his father’s indifference would venture out into the neighbourhood to play with other kids and frequently visit his Uncle Rowin. Rowin, only just climbing the ranks of the Third Moon Company at the time, took an interest in Selis’ unending quest for knowledge (and as it happens, Selis learns quite quickly having beaten him almost every time at the board game from Lian Mu). Eventually, Selis lost interest in going home to his father, preferring the company of his uncle and his neighbourhood friends.

Over the years he became quite close to a friend who shared his love of magic, but never had any magic proficiency herself. Chee was a strange girl, with dark coloured skin and almond eyes, but regardless of her looks they became inseparable and were very rarely seen apart. She very rarely talked about her parents, or why she was in Rexit where she didn’t fit in, but as a kid this didn’t seem of any concern to Selis.

A turning point came five years ago when Selis arrived at the usual spot where he and Chee would play dice games after a day of learning the magical arts (which Selis would enthusiastically go to, as encouraged by his uncle) or errand running (as Chee had no spectacular talents, she would support herself by doing random jobs). Instead of finding her there, she found her dice pouch, empty except for a strange looking stone die (d6) he had never seen before and a very hastily written message in a language Selis didn’t understand.

After this, Rowin noticed a change in Selis’ personality; no longer was he the happy-go-lucky kid with a heap of friends and a mild interest in magic, instead he became so intensely focused on his magical studies and obsessed with studying languages that Rowin knew something must have happened. Selis never talked about it no matter how much he knew that Rowin cared, and refused also to make friends in place for his search for knowledge. The only socialising Selis did was in the local pubs, where he would challenge foreigners to dice or card games, intent on learning more about where they came from, what they were doing in Rexit and what languages they spoke. Eventually his opponents would give up playing with him either because they realised they couldn’t win, or they became annoyed at Selis’ barrage of unending questions. 

To distract Selis and give him an application of his talents, Rowin offered Selis a job at the Third Moon Company, where he drew attention of many officers who were impressed with his talents and young age. Selis eventually learned that he’s probably smarter than most people, giving him a false sense of importance and eventual lack of empathy toward others. Becoming bored of his job and Rexit, Selis comes up with this idea of leaving on his own journey...

 I didn’t mean to end up writing that much but there you go!

@Alonewolf87 should I reply to you in “spoiler” format in the Game Topic until I meet @Peter Östergren ‘s character?

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Hi again!

Even more background on Selis (more like a summary, some detail on physical appearance):


Selis can be described as a hard headed, self confident teenage human who discovered his magical powers at a young age. He enjoys an intellectual challenge, especially where languages are involved. He also delves into games of chance; dice and card games, and holds onto a magical die an old friend gave him before she disappeared. He often takes this die from his pouch and fiddles with it when he’s nervous.

The only thing other than stubbornness that he’s inherited from his father is his unruly red hair. From his mother he inherited everything else; his kind green eyes, oval shaped face and creamy skin. 

He’s often seen in long layered wizards robes, reflective of his commitment to the craft. His attire is plain but neat, and he always carries a battered leather satchel containing a variety of cards and dice to keep himself entertained at pubs along the road.

Although he’s young, he looks undoubtedly tired and troubled. Strangers are often perplexed by his determined look and lack of attention span when it comes to small talk. Those who get to know him realize there’s an underlying driver which makes him this way.


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@Peter Östergren



Eryn's Background

During your adolescence you left Calimor and travelled to the Monastery to escape the life of violence and treachery the Eight Fingers were pointing you to. You heard stories about the enlightned monks, their hard discipline to master body and mind, and hoped to be set free from your shackles. The journey was long and hard, but you had learnt well how to survive. When you reached the Monastery you pleaded for five long weeks with the guards to be left inside and when they finally relented and let you met Master Gekko, the abbot, you were overjoyed. Gekko accepted you as a trainee but the other boys and girls there did non look up kindly to you. They mocked you, played pranks and tried to make your life impossible. Only Jabrilla, a girl from Soczan, become your friend and helped you shoulder those hardships. The years passed by, your talent in the martial arts and in the mastery of the mind where undeniable and soon you got a chance to be tried to become a resident monk. Unfortunately a couple of days before the trial Jabrilla disappeared and a few of your rivals accused you of being the responsible, talking about a forbidden love ended badly. Furious you confronted them, a fight ensued and your broke a few bones and jaws. It later turned out that Jabrilla ran away to go back to her family and Master Gekko wished to cleared you of the charges against you, but there was a part of you which started to wish to leave this place and so you were expelled from the Monastery.


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