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Armatura antitrasmutazione


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Ecco perchè:-p

Epic Magic Items

In general, an item with even one of these characteristics is an epic magic item.

* Grants a bonus on attacks or damage greater than +5.

* Grants an enhancement bonus to armor higher than +5.

* Has a special ability with a market price modifier greater than +5.

* Grants an armor bonus of greater than +10 (not including magic armor’s enhancement bonus).

* Grants a natural armor, deflection, or resistance bonus greater than +5.

* Grants an enhancement bonus to an ability score greater than +6.

* Grants an enhancement bonus on a skill check greater than +30.

* Mimics a spell of an effective level higher than 9th.

* Has a caster level above 20th.

* Has a market price above 200,000 gp, not including material costs for armor or weapons, material component- or experience point-based costs, or additional value for intelligent items.

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