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Elenco novità FR da varie fonti


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Oggi esce la Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide ecco quello che si sa da varie fonti...

Information from the FRCG


• Orbakh is the only surviving Manshoon clone and leads the Zenths (mainly consisting out of Cyric guys now) from Stormwatch and Darkhold.

• The Zenths fight the Yakuza.

• The Baneites´made a deal with the Phaerim to controll the Dalelands.

• The Shades heard from that deal and destroyed Zhentil Keep. After that the Baneites fled, leaving the Cyric guys in charge.

• The goal of the new Zenths is freeing Cyric from his prison.

• Zhentil Keep is still in ruins and apparently inhabited by robbers and pirates.


• Mask is gone, but his exact faith is not mentioned.

• Cyric is still imprisoned and gets more insane. His clerics are not affected by all this.

• Deities have spheres again instead of portfolios

• Shar is Shadow based now instead of Darkness.

• Obould has the "Warrior" sphere.

• Fzoul has the "Service to Evil" sphere (divine butler?).

• Every deity not on the list is unavailable, but their exact fates is not always stated (for example Mask).

• Exarch = Demigod = ~Demigod Epic Destiny

• Masks's realm still exists. His former chosen visit from time to time and it is rumoured that it is filled with treasure.

• Torm got Tyr's Job and the sphere of Law and now sits in the realm of Cellestia. Hes especially worshipped in the Paladin realm of Elturgard.

• Tyr was apparently killed while fighting off a demon invasion. Cryric or his followers had likely something to do with that or even stroke the killing blow.

• Velsharoon was destroyed.


• Hoar likely serves Bane.

• Tiamat serves Bane.

• Loviatar is Banes consort.

• The church of bane is still strong, even with the loss of Zenthil Keep and the citadel of the Raven.

• Bane taking Lovitar as consort was a political move. He is now worshipped also by evil dwarfs. Also, he absorbed the goblin deities further strengthening himself.


• Kelemvor apparently has to deal with all the dead now, not only with the False&Faithless. The deities only pick souls up they really like.

• No mention of the Wall found.

• Souls can fade away out of existence.

• Souls that refuse to pass on come back as ghosts and other incorporeal beings.


Originally Posted by Afterlife excerpt

The souls of those who die travel through the Shadowfell to the Fugue Plane. There they await judgement. Some pass out of creation before any ruling comes, others after. Where these souls go not even the gods know. One that is of strong faith and capabilities might be taken to the dominion of it's deity, to serve him or her beyond life. others remain on the Fugue Plane as aides to the go of death, continuing on as ghosts or other insubstantial undead.

Former Chosen

• Elminster went from superhero back to being a passive, slightly insane sage and lives in a farmhouse and doesn't want to use magic.

• The Simbul is still around somewhere in the Dalelands.

• Currently no known chosen in the Realms.

• Masks former chosen still live.


• Menzoberranzan still exists and is the largest city in the Underdark.

• The Spellplague created "Plaguecaves" in the Underdark

• The Great Rift tore open exposing even greater depths called "Underchasm"

• The Sea of Fallen Stars, Shining Sea, and Great Sea flow into theis Underchasm.

• Earthmotes hover over this chasm, some containing tunnels originally from the Underdark whioch are inhabited by Underdark creatures.


• Evermeet got transported into the Feywild.

• A echo of Evermeet remains on Abeir-Toril (looks like a copy)

• Everything on Sumbrar (dragons, soldiers, spelljammers) got destroyed.

• Amlaruil is dead and Evermeet is without leader.


• Evereska still exists and is currently being rebuild.

• Evereskas Mythal is fully active and was barely affected by the spellplague.

• The country is now more active and openly opposes the shades.

Thay/Red Wizards

• Red Wizards are a pure organization now (no connection to any country) and only a shadow of their former selves.

• Thay is destroyed and full of undead. Tam tried a ritual to make him stronger than the gods, failed and now wants to break out of former Thay and try again.


• The Witches of Rashemen still exists.

• Rashemen was not affected much by the Spellplague, except that it is now home of even more fey.

• During the Thay civil war the witches eliminated the Durthans.


• Lurien was destroyed and now forms the Gulf of Lurien.

• A part of Lurien survived. The Halflings there formed a seafaring/jungle society.


• Abeir = World ruled by dragons and Primordials. Toril = FR we know. Was split apart by Ao when deities and Primordials fought. Now merged again.

• Maztica was replaced by Abier.

• Abier is about 1/8 the size of Faerun.

Genasi Kingdom

• The Genasi Kingdom was once only a part of a larger kingdom in Abeir.

• It repleced Chessenta when it was transported.

• Its cities are on Earthmotes connected to the ground by bridges.


• Has a strong military, but is also very open country.

• Eager to make allies

• Fought dragons for centuries which affected their architecture.

• The Cult of the Dragon operates in this country.

Cult of the Dragon

• The Cult of the Dragon is still there.

• Active in Tymanther.

Order of Blue Fire

• Officially a group of spellscarred people who want to learn about the spallplague and help its victims.

• Its masters are Sharn.

• Its "masters" are believed to be trapped near the Underdark city of Imasker.

• Inofficially the group things the spallplague a holy event and wants to create another one or spread its effects over the world.

The Shades

• The 12 Shade princes and the enclave still exists.

• The Shades destroyed Zhentil Keep.


• The Undermountain still stands and kept Waterdeep from collapsing.

• Inside Undermountain dungeons are randomly shifted around.

• Skullport is not inhabited.

• Waterdeep patrols the first layer of Undermountain to prevent illicit trade.

Baldurs Gate

• Baldurs Gate has grow really huge, likely the biggest city on Faerun now.


• Calimshan still exists

• Calimport is now landlocked


• Dambrath still exists.

• The Crinti (half-drow) are gone

Sea of Falling Stars

• The Sea of Falling Stars is nearly gone. It flows into the Underchasm.


• Luskan was destroyed.


• Neverwinter was destroyed.


• Halruaa went "BOOM".


• The landmass under Mezro collapsed and the whole city now lies underwater.


• Kara-Tur still exists, but was affected by teh Spellplague, too.

Notable persons

• Jarlaxle is a lvl 21 elite skirmisher.

• Szass Tam is lvl 30 and the highest level statted thing in the book (full stat block).

Blood War

• The Blood War ended when the Abyss was thrown into the elemental Chaos as both parties didn't have an easy access to each other anymore. That means that Devils&Demons might still be hostile to each other when they meet.


• No Psionics in this book.

Information from other sources

Monsters and other statted things

• Fzoul Chembryl

• banelar Naga

• Dark Moon Monk

• Kir-Lanan Wing

• Blazing Rorn the Fury

• Felljaw

• Haraevor

• Mordrin

• Tentacled Torment

• Fettered Dracolich

• Draegloth (i hate the redesign off them)

• Draegloth favoured one

• Jarlaxle Baenre

• Direhelm

• Doomsept

• Captain Shil Yargo

• Jordaini Enforcer

• Gibberling Bunch

• Plague Gibberling Bunch

• Arathluth MalaugrymLuthvaerynn Malaugrym

• Shade

• Naramu

• Thaalud

• Veserab

• Knight, Loremaster, & Commander Accordant

• Sharn

• Plaguechanged Ghoul

• Terpenzi

• Sath'fiss'ith the Skybinder

• Wereserpent

• several scathebeasts

• Dread Warrior

• Szass Tam

• Warlock Knights

• Shardsouls

• Zairtail Swarms

• Zhents

• Manshoon

Deity list with spheres

Greater Gods:

• Amaunator: Sun

• Asmodeus: Sin

• Bane: Tyranny

• Chauntea: Life

• Corellon: Fey

• Cyric: Strife

• Ghaunadaur: Abominations

• Gruumsh: Savagery

• Kelemvor: Death

• Lolth: Drow

• Moradin: Dwarves

• Ohgma: Knowledge

• Selune: Moon

• Shar: Shadows

• Silvanus: Nature

• Sune: Beauty

• Tempus: War

• Torm: Law

Gods: Serve the greaters

• Angharraadh: Wisdom

• Auril: Winter

• Bahamut: Justice

• Berronar Truesilver: Family

• Beshaba: Bad Luck

• Garl Glittergold: Protection

• Gond: Craft

• Ilmater: Suffering

• Loviatar: Pain

• Luthnic: Caves

• Meilikki: Forrests

• Sheela Peryroyl: Beauty

• Sseth: Serpents

• Talona: Plague

• Tiamat: Greed

• Tymora: Good luck

• Umberlee: Sea

• Waukeen: Merchants

• Zehir: Poison

Exarchs/ Demigods: Ascended mortals mainly, some have mortal worshippers

• Abbathor

• Arvoreen

• Baervan Wildwanderer

• Bahgtru

• Baravar Cloakshadow

• Berronar

• Brandobaris

• Callarduran Smoothhands

• Clangeddon Silverbeard

• Cyrrollalee

• Deep Seshalas

• Dugmaren Brightmantle

• Erevan Ilesere

• Fenmarel Mestarline

• Fzoul Chembryl: Sevice to Evil

• Garagos

• Hoar

• Hruggek

• Jergal: Fatalism

• Labelas Enoreth

• Lliira

• Maglubiyet

• Malar

• Marthammor Duin

• Milil

• Obould: Warriors

• The Red Knight: Tactics

• Sharess

• Shargaas

• Shevarash

• Shiallia

• Siamorphe

• Solonar Thelandrira

• Thard Harr

• Uthgar

• Valkur

• Vaprak

• Vergadain


• Akadi

• Bazim-Gorag

• Grumbar

• Istishia

• Kossuth

• Seven Lost Gods. (Includes Dendar, Kezef, and Borem of the Boiling Mud)

Archdevils: One for each of the nine

• Baalzebul

• Bel

• Belial

• Dispater

• Glasya

• Levistus

• Mammon

• Mephistopheles

Deity alignment according to RPGA



Berronar Truesilver








Garl Glittergold




Sheela Peryroyl










Table of Contents


1: Loudwater

Basically an overview of the town, key personalities, and some short adventures -- 32 pages

2: Adventuring

Advancing the timeline, quick history lesson, some mundane (heroic, paragon & epic) treasures, and a glossary -- 9 pages

3: Magic

Spellplague effects on the land, critters & stuff, other fantasitc new features (like earthmotes) and some magic items & rituals -- 11 pages

4: Cosmology

A run down on the dominions, realms of the Elemental Chaos, the Feywild & the Shadowfell -- 9 pages

5: Pantheon

The Greater Gods, The Gods, The Exarchs (demi-gods), The Primordials & the Archdevils -- 10 pages

6: Fearun and Beyond

This takes up a big chunk of the book. It has a quick overview and than launches into many different (new & old) regions of Faerun. The end of the chapter also details Returned Abeir and The Underdark -- 90 pages

7: Threats

Here we get to see some of the bad guys. We get updates on some oldies (Zhents, Thay) and some details on the new guys in town (Order of the Blue Fire). We also get some stats for NPCs -- 46 pages


New Monsters (actually an index showing where these monsters are located in the book)

Fold out map

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• The Zenths fight the Yakuza.

• Tyr was apparently killed while fighting off a demon invasion. Cryric or his followers had likely something to do with that or even stroke the killing blow.
Cyric rimane il mio mito

• Thay is destroyed and full of undead. Tam tried a ritual to make him stronger than the gods, failed and now wants to break out of former Thay and try again.
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