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Combattere in sella


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Ciao quindi se non ho capito male, nella 5ed non si ha vantaggio automatico nel combattere in sella. Né bonus per colpire.
Si devono acquisire talenti specifici.

Mi pare anche che non vi siano regole per caricare a cavallo o regole sul danno che può fare la cavalcatura calciando un avversario...riporto da una discussione su reddit:ù

There is the Feat "Mounted Combattant" which gives your advantage on attack rolls against creatures smaller then your mount, let you shield your mount and gives your mount evasion.

Other than that: Mounted allows you to use a lance in 1 hand

Other than that: Saddles give you advantage to checks to remain mounted (Usually Dex 10)

Other than that: if you are controlling a mount (seems to cost no action) then the mount can do a move + Dash, Disengage or Dodge. Mount has the same initiative as you.

Other than that: if you are not controlling a mount the mount acts on its own initiative and does whatever it likes

There seems to be no rules to charge with your warhorse and have you smack the enemies and the warhorse trample enemies with its hooves (unless the DM decides this is what the horse does when you aren't controlling it)

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