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    Fuoricorso. Ancora per poco.
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    Buffet, Piero Scaruffi, Keynes, Gygax, Stravinsky, Berlusconi, Feynman, Don Van Vliet, Rudolph Sosna, Nico, Jeff Said, Cruijff, Guardiola, Alan Williams, Tolkien, Monte Cook, Pindaro, Anthony Robbins, Emil Cioran, Dostoevsky, Ralph Emerson, Scott Fitzgerald, Baudelaire, Hiedaki Anno, Robert Greene, Alan Moore, Erik von Markovic, Neil Strauss, George RR Martin, Alberto Moravia, Sandor Marai, Orson Welles, Mark Twain, Maureen Tucker, Marco Travaglio, Lou Reed, Bhudda, Bach.
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    Nato, morto e risorto tre volte.

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