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    A massive chair floats amid soft white light. The gold of its delicately carved frame gleams warmly. To the right of the chair, an ornate stand strains beneath a huge crystal globe. To the left of the chair, another stand holds a large book. Between the stands, an old man in bril- liant white robes nods on a glistening throne. One hand rests on the globe, while the other lies poised on the book. The face looks as though the eyes closed only a moment ago. Yet the man does not move, nor does the thoughtful expression change. For this is Astinus of Palanthus, Lorekeeper of the World. Astinus ranges across the face of the world, searching out the bravest deeds of men, recording the acts of greatness otherwise left unsung. This is the historian’s historian: Astinus is there as history happens. Yet the man has never left this chair.

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    Gilda per la campagna pdf Il futuro di Dawnstar, continuazione del secondo gruppo della campagna il mercante di Dawnstar

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    Gilda per il PbF La Pietra Eretta e le sue prosecuzioni. SIstema di Gioco D&D 3E.

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    Avventura ufficiale D&D 5E

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    PbF Avventure nelle Terre Selvagge

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    This club hasn't provided a description.

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    Se sai fare una cosa, ne sai fare mille -Musashi-

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    Avventura One Shot

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    This club hasn't provided a description.

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    Un gruppo di giovani avventurieri, figli degli eroi del passato, si trovano a seguire le orme dei famosi progenitori nel corso di una missione volta a preservare il destino di una nazione... o forse di più

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