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  1. RT @seemlypseudonym: @TheRealStanLee If it turns out to be the Skrulls then this is the most elaborate bit of meta-marketing for Captain Ma…

  2. RT @CoolComicArt: Mike Del Mundo @DeadlyMike https://t.co/3RRGXm3MaQ

  3. @mesaboogieman1 @EthanVanSciver No, probabilmente no

  4. @mesaboogieman1 @Doncates Glielo dovevi scrivere in lingue

  5. RT @TylerKirkhamArt: Running low on the #venom 1 sets on my new site https://t.co/8ciTcLVH1p. Check them out. They come signed with certifi…

  6. @mesaboogieman1 https://t.co/uQ15rxahkI

  7. RT @iccu_daniel: Oscurare un sito per querela relativa ad un singolo articolo, atto che richiede necessarie spiegazioni. https://t.co/va1iJ…

  8. @bdbrode @WIRED Sure, printing new cards is better than nerfing old ones, for a bunch of reason, but how about buff… https://t.co/Zw85MB8QdK

  9. @mesaboogieman1 @Doncates E ti sembrano cose da dire?

  10. RT @GregRuth: Just wrapped up a Batman-themed private commission piece in graphite for a collector... a lot of detail in this one and a tri…

  11. Ti sei fatto un capello popo aggressivo @_SarnoRL

  12. Grazie #Trenitalia, ti voglio bene nonostante tutto

    1. smite4life


      Io invece la odio proprio!

    2. Brillacciaio


      Il mio treno venerdì è arrivato in stazione con mezz'ora di ritardo e aveva accumulato un'altra ora prima di arrivare a Roma. Fortunatamente ha ripreso ad andare a una velocità sensata da lì .-.

  13. @mesaboogieman1 Ho paura

  14. @ArcudiJohn @Agent_P @davidrubin It was set to be released months ago, but never did. And publisher isn't giving a new date

  15. RT @NoobtheLoser: I can't be the only person who's furious that I have to type out a full five letters before my browser auto-completes "tw…

  16. @finger_stripes @PaulJPatane @TomKingTK That's pretty much what he said. Comics have the potential to be literature… https://t.co/YQAS2lF8R3

  17. RT @neilhimself: @SpacePants76 Anything real you do that's important will be scary. Having kids. Getting married. Donating a kidney. Writi…

  18. Blizzard Entertainment: Keep Yogg Saron in Standard FOREVER! https://t.co/NCX49UGNHK via @ChangeItalia

  19. @mesaboogieman1 14 anni sono infinito in certe cose, ma vedessi certa gente su dA, ce ne stanno di esempi. Vidi pur… https://t.co/r8PVOreJQq

  20. Merry Christmas everyone 🤙🏻 https://t.co/PqNwHIF6NY

  21. RT @Sean_G_Murphy: That time you were recognized by the bartender... https://t.co/KbFrjDMFM9

  22. RT @VancityReynolds: Jeff, if there was a fire and I had to choose a family member to save, obviously it’d be me. But if I had time to save…

  23. @Sean_G_Murphy I'd really like an uncut, b/w edition of the whole series 😬

  24. @mesaboogieman1 Ma invece di rispondere ai messaggi

  25. Breakfast https://t.co/opSAeDHAFm

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