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Commenti profilo inviato da Mythrandir

  1. RT @seamap: Congratulations to @MUNGeog grad Beatrice Proudfoot for being the recipient of the 2018 @esricanada GIS Scholarship for @Memori…

  2. RT @n_m_anthony: This is BRILLIANT!!! Frontiers for Young Minds is a scientific journal focused on publishing scientific articles rewritten…

  3. BREAKING: #EELab just got Logo stickers. And magnets! And now we got an hashtag! What a great Pi-day this is turnin…

  4. One of the greatest.

  5. @YolandaWiersma @carlyziter @seamap @sjleroux @TravHeckford @wildlifeevoeco I mean, if all 3 labs join in, we have…

  6. Per miei Master/Giocatori: ho cominciato l’esame di metà Dottorato, durerà 7 settimane (fino al 17 Aprile), per cui sarò poco presente sul forum e darò precedenza ai PbF che seguo da DM.
    Portate pazienze e/o muovete i miei PG. Grazie.

    1. Ian Morgenvelt

      Ian Morgenvelt

      Auguri per l'esame!

    2. Mythrandir
  7. On page 165 of 816 of Tigana, by Guy Gavriel Kay

  8. RT @jk_rowling: Hi David! You seem to be struggling to make your fictional European friend sound authentic. Try something a *real* European…

  9. #armchairecology ? More like stand-on-your-desk ecology!

  10. Nota bene.

  11. Beautifully written. Britain’s imperial fantasies have given us Brexit | Gary Younge

  12. Oh yes. Yes it does. Science has an atheism problem via @SmallPondSci

  13. RT @cprose83: Its time for #Newfoundland to step up and band plastic bags... Taken at Quidi Vidi Lake today

  14. On page 85 of 464 of La Belle Sauvage, by Philip Pullman

  15. RT @Lisavipes: Please no. In many cases those trails are placed so that people do not unknowingly damage sensitive habitat, breeding sites,…

  16. On page 438 of 750 of American Gods, by Neil Gaiman

  17. RT @InternoPoesia: «Tutto ciò che dobbiamo decidere è come disporre del tempo che ci è dato». J. R. R. Tolkien, nato oggi 🌱 @CircoloLetto…

  18. On page 110 of 336 of The Ecological Detective, by Ray Hilborn

  19. RT @SarahMDurant: No, @nytimes, humans are the only agents of destruction of the arctic - beavers, like many other species, are simply resp…

  20. Quiz: can you identify these cities from their historic maps?

  21. RT @gilromera: Don't miss out our response to @NatureEcoEvo on why the future of ecology, but other sciences too, should be inclusive #Dive…

  22. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: 'Trump is where he is because of his appeal to racism'

  23. And here’s the public read-only link: Thanks @tigerfoodman of ZSL and S. Pawar of Imperial for the great mentoring!

  24. I shared my meal with team #GiveWithoutBorders and helped a hungry child! Get the #ShareTheMeal app and join me:

  25. RT @colintrevorrow: From our Jurassic family to yours. @FilmBayona @PrattPrattPratt @BryceDHoward @LeDoctor #FALLENKINGDOM…


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